Our mission

Sparkr offers complete and customized support, with a wide range of expertise in areas such as IOT, RF, robotics, Android smartphones and tablets, or blockchain.

Our knowledge allows us to cover all the technical skills involved in the creation of a product:
- mechanical design,
- PCB design,
- embedded, middleware, application and cloud development,
- project monitoring,
- preparation, launch and follow-up of production...

Our services

We operate at all levels of the chain, from development to industrialization:

Contact us

Whether you need a quote or just want to discuss your project with us, do not hesitate to contact us by email at contact@sparkr.tech briefly describing your project so that we can schedule a meeting.

About Sparkr

Sparkr is a company founded by Jean-Christophe Rona and Damien Tronchère, two engineers by training, fond of new technology and innovation, expert in the development and industrialization of tech products.